Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Google Maps API v3 Now Supports Localization

Well, this is a great news for the community and for myself. Google now supports some languages in their Maps API v3. Prior to this week, Maps API v3 was exclusively in english. That's not a surprise since v3 API is completely re-written from scratch using a new architecture...

Importance of Localization

As you may notice, english is not my primary language, so things I develop must be localized... Two things kept me from using the more attractive Maps v3 API over the v2:

  1. Localization
  2. Driving directions (edit Oct 30 2009: driving directions are now supported)

Now that point one is not an issue anymore, I'll try v3 whenever my maps doesn't need driving directions.

You can learn more about localization and the Maps API v3 on their official blog post.

Bonne journée ;)


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