Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Google Maps Geocoding with JSONP Bug Acknowledged on

Update Nov 9 2009: It appears that this behavior is by design, see the new post about this JSONP geocoding error

For those who regulary visits, I posted a bug report on its official blog.

The Bug

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So the bug affects the Google Maps Geocoding API. It throws a 400 bad request whenever a JSONP Geocoding request is made and the callback parameter isn't the last in the parameters list. In other words, the callback parameter must be at the very end for the call to work.

We know that a parameter's position in a query string should not be relevant or interfere on how the request is handled.

I filed a bug on Google Issue Tracker and I did an "I apologize" post on's Official Blog regarding this 400 bad request problem with JSONP.


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