Monday, January 4, 2010

It's Official, I'm the 32nd Google JS Maps API Certified Developer!

the google maps api certified developer logo


Months after applying to be in the program, I was accepted late 2009. I obtained all the necessary points to be qualified in 2009 but it's now official, I'm proud to be the 32nd participant to be introduced as a Google JS Maps API certified developer. Here's some excerpt of the program:
[...] Requirements for each qualification include demonstration of development work, evidence of community participation, occupational references, and passing the qualification exam. Scores in each of these areas are combined to create the overall qualification score. [...] 
[...] Google Qualified JavaScript Maps Developer accreditation focuses on the JavaScript Maps API and relevant related knowledge areas such as core objects, map controls, user data, events, services, AJAX, UX/best practices, and troubleshooting. [...] 
[...] Working with Google's worldwide network of Qualified Developers is one of the most cost-effective investments you can make. Qualified Developers are thoroughly vetted by Google and a community of Qualified Developer peers (proctors), and meet rigorous qualification standards. [...]
You can browse the developer directory to find other qualified developers.



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