Friday, October 23, 2009

StackOverflow DevDays - (Talk 1 of 6) .NET MVC

After the opening keynote, it was the first official speech on an announced topic. The mic was it the hands of Barry Gervin and Joey Devilla.

A Workshop

I must say beforehand that I'm really comfortable with the .NET MVC framework so I did not focused my attention on the details of the presentation. I'm more like a "where it came from, where it goes" kind of guy in those things... Anyways, if someone would have wanted to learn MVC, my advise would have been to sit in a Chapters instead of sitting at DevDays ;)

Unfortunately, the presentation consisted mostly of tutorials and technical details. They presented an overview of a request lifetime, differences with webforms, unit testing, etc. After that they went in depth with a full example from ground up on how to build an ASP.NET MVC website.

Ok that's pretty cool for a neophyte but an historic of the framework and why we use it today would have been also nice... Instead I felt like it was a sales pitch "it's there, it's new, let's see it in action right away!". Ok but.. the whys and hows please!?

I agree it's a matter of opinion of whether or not you like the content of a presentation, but it's my blog, so I give mine ;)

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