Sunday, October 25, 2009

StackOverflow DevDays - (Talk 4 of 6) - jQuery

To tell you, I almost did a copy paste from the .NET MVC post... But I resisted :)

Ralph Whitbeck did a great job explaining in depth jQuery. But again, everything that was presented could be found on the jQuery's website.

But still

But unlike the .NET MVC presentation, we were lucky enough to learn some insights.

  • I learned that jQuery 4 was coming soon
  • jQuery will drop IE6 support to reduce its core size (This will come with version 4)
  • There will be jQuery podcasts beginning mid-november

That's about it! Of all the sites that uses javascript, thirty percent of them uses jQuery. That's about one fifth of all websites on the Internet today.

Maybe this will have a weight on the balance to further ban IE6 from our miserable lives :)

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P.S. You can't wait to read my next post about the next conference :)

See ya


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