Thursday, March 11, 2010

A new contributor updated bitly-dot-net, my .NET wrapper around the API

This post is about the changes made to "my" library by Noah Blumenthal, the Lead Microsoft Developer of PC Magazine.

See the improvements...

What's new


I'm happy to add the contributor Noah Blumenthal, the Lead Microsoft Developer of PC Magazine, to the bitly-dot-net library. He just updated the library with the following changes:

  1. Support for Error Code 208 (you have exceeded your hourly rate limit for this method)
  2. Support for multiple URLs ( supports passing multiple long urls and shortening them all in one shot)
  3. Fixed bug that occurred when hourly limit was exceeded. If you exceed your hourly rate limit, then you’ll have urls-to-shorten + 1 error codes in the document (so even when shortening 1 url you’ll have 2 error codes). This caused an InvalidOperationException to be thrown because the code used SingleOrDefault to obtain the error code:


The current version of the DLL is and is available on the project's homepage.

Thanks Noah.

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